Shallow Ford Construction ยป Projects


Clear Creek Shopping Center

New AFFES PX at Ft Hood Tx. - 28 Acre Site SOW includes Clearing, 182,400 cyd Excavation, 285,000 SF Bldg Pad, 57,400 sy Base and Ashpalt Parking Lot, Topsoil ...
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New Armored Tank Firing Range- 140 Acre Site SOW included- Clearing, 503,000 cy Excavation, 85 Stationary and Moving Armor Target Emplacements, 173650 Sy of Aggregate Base Roads, 96 Acre Topsoil. ...
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Infrastructure Project for New HEB and Retail Buildings- 45 Acre Site SOW inculdes Clearing, Demolition, 228,900 cyd Excavation, 170,000 SF Building Pad Preparation, 30,435 sy Base and Asphalt Parking Lot and Roads, 11,500 LF Curb & Gutter, Topsoil ...
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Five Hills HEB

New HEB Store- Bldg Pad Prep and Bulk Excavation performed in the Infrastructure Project-SOW includes Finish Grading for 170,000 SF Building Pad, 32,000 sy Base and Asphalt Parking Lot, 5,120 LF Curbs, Flatwork, Topsoil ...
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69th ADA Infrastructure

Infrastructure Project for 1 Motor Pool, 2 Battalion HQ Bldgs, and 4 Company Operations Bldgs- 55 Acre Site SOW includes- Clearing, Demolition, 224,000 cyd Excavation, 115,000 Ton Import Select Fill for Building Pads, 94,400 sy Base for Asphalt Paving, 16415 LF Curb & Gutter, Sidewalks, Topsoil ...
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3.9 mile Road Reconstruction from 2 Lane Rural to a 5 lane Curb & Gutter Road SOW includes 124,000 cyd Excavation, 71,200 Tons of Base Placement and 43230 LF of Curb & Gutter ...
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Warriors In Transition Barracks

New Barracks Complex- 20 Acre Site SOW includes- Demolition, Clearing, 40,000 cyd Excavation, 85,000 SF Building Pad Preparation, 27,320 sy Asphalt and Concrete Paving, Curb and Gutter, Concrete Paving, Stripping, Topoil ...
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Infrastructure Project for a new Company Operations Bldgs and Motor Pool- 12 Acre Site Scope of Work (SOW) includes Demolition, Clearing, 29,000 cyd Excavation, 63,000 SF Building Pad Preparation, 27,000 sy Base, Asphalt and Concrete Paving Area, Strom Drainage, Topsoil ...
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Site Improvements at 5 schools- all improvements had to be performed during the summer months while school was out and completed by beginning of school.SOW included Demolition, Excavation, Base. Curb & Gutter, Asphalt Paving, Storm Drainage, Topsoil ...
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S&W Inert Materials Disposal Area

Containment Berm for an Inert Materials Disposal Area ...
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